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Make It - Pom Pom Bunnies!

You're gonna want to make some of these cute pom pom bunnies for springtime or Easter! The first time I saw the tutorial, I loved them immediately. I never got around to making them last year, but was determined to do it this year. I know there are several ways to make pom poms, but I wanted mine to be really uniform, so I purchased the Clover pom pom makers I'd been hearing so much about and I was ready to go!

The free tutorial is by Patty McGuire, over at Pattymac Knits. I've posted a separate shop feature with more info about Patty, and you can find all kinds of crafty tutorials on her site. Especially if you're a knitter (or a wannabe knitter), check it out! Her work is amazing!

Pom pom bunnies

For my bunnies, I chose Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Grey Heather and Taupe Grey. It was reasonably priced, and came in good bunny colors. And it makes really soft pom poms!

I had all intentions of finishing my bunnies quickly, in plenty of time before Easter. My daughter was visiting this week, so I decided to get my 2-1/2 year old grandson involved. As a result, our bunnies proceeded a little slower, with the steps spread throughout the week. We enjoyed watching our bunnies change a little each day!

Pom pom bunnies

Together, we made 3 bunnies. He participated in every step - feeding the yarn while I wrapped the pom pom tool, picking out the felt for his bunny ears, and choosing the beads for the bunny eyes and nose. At one point, he draped yarn over his shoulders and declared himself a pom pom!  

Even though our bunnies took their time, you can easily make a bunny family in one or two afternoons. Visit Patty's site for the tutorial, and while you're there, you'll probably find something else you want to make!

Happy Crafting!

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  • Patty on

    Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures of the bunnies with your grandson!! How precious! Im so happy to hear he was able to participate. It really is the cutest little craft.
    xoxox, Pattymac

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